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First, Join The Exclussive Facebook
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RDS Aggressive Fat Shred Tribe
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RDS Aggressive Fat Shred Tribe - welcome members of all! Let's take massive action and get the Greek-god body you finally deserve!
Note: I'll be checking the Facebook Group regularly every Wednesday to answer all questions, ensuring your success throughout the duration of the 6-week Aggressive Fat Shred challenge. If you've got any questions, ask them on there for all to see. This level of coaching is valued at $5,250 - where you get direct access to myself and all the answers you may have. So get the most out of this group!
Second, Download The Aggressive
Fat Shred Guide
& The M1 Training Program.
These Will Be Your Go-To Guides For
Leaning Out:

Note: Read through these guides, particularly the Aggressive Fat Shred Guide, otherwise known as the Dynamic Shred Guide, your ultimate guide for mini-cuts and aggressive fat loss. Use this program in combination with M1.

Things to remember:

1. Follow the guidelines in AFS - be sure to hit protein goals every day.

2. You'll be entering an aggressive caloric deficit while training hard - the temptation will come when hunger strikes - that is why we need to put ourselves into 'fasting' mode.

Fast for about 16 hours so that you're not tempted throughout the day to 'snack' and tease your stomach. Wait till the end of the day to eat 1-2 saciating, filling meals. Preferably one meal 1-2 hours before training and one meal after training.

3. You'll know exactly how much to eat by calculating your mini-cut macronutrient parameters found inside the AFS guide - THIS IS KEY!

4. With these custom macronutrient parameters - you can eat whatever you want, but just undersand that calorie-dense foods like candy or chocolate = less filling = less space and volume being taken up in your stomach = more hunger.

It's up to you with how much hunger you're willing to tolerate, and if you are willing to tolerate it, I hope you have an iron-will. If not, eat saciating foods like potatoes, veggies, and sneak in some sweets at the end of the day (if it fits your macronutrient protocols!)

5. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. This is a double-edged sword - it aids in the fat loss process AND keeps you feeling full.

6. Every 9th or 10th day, hit your maintenance-level calories to replentish glycogen levels and maximize recovery.

7. Hold on to your horses - these 6 weeks will go fast but they will be intense...DON'T GIVE UP OR GIVE IN!

8. Wouldn't recommend cardio unless it's only a few minutes of LISS (low intensity steady-state) cardio aka walking on the treadmill for 10-15 minutes.

(Bonus Tip) 9. Need meal-planning ideas while on the road to getting shredded? Here's a shameless plug. Just type in the secret coupon code "25RDS" and get 25% off your purchase. Please keep this coupon code secret!

That's all there is to it. Download the guides, calculate your unique
mini-shred macronutrient protocols and train like a beast! If you have
any questions - fire them away on the private members-only
Facebook Group!
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Note: Here's what to expect on a weekly basis (updated every week):

-Begin Week 1 Day 1 of the M1 Training Program - if you're already on an RDS training program, continue it but implement your new diet protocols.

-The ONE necessary dietary recommendation to maximize your gains - hitting your protein intake on a daily basis and configuring your macronurient parameters to retain hard-earned muscle.

-5g of creatine monohydrate a day

WEEK 2: Volume Increase

-Continue to train HARD while sticking to your macronutrient protocols.

-Make sure that you're hitting your macros on the dot for best results - you'll notice some hunger kick in especially since the volume & tonnage has increased - remain strong.

-Curb your appetite and cravings with whole, nutritious foods like potatoes and greens. Smoothies are HUGE for curving cravings and hunger. (banana + whey + almond milk + some greens)
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