M1 & M2 Training Program Bundle

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Here it is, the M1 and M2 bundle in all its glory.

Before you click the button below to make your purchase of $19.99 for full access to the Physique Building- M1 & M2 Training Program...there something I'd like you to do.

I want you to visualize. 

Watch the videos and visualize yourself doing these lifts. See how these exercises will target and give the perfect amount of muscular stimuli to each muscle group.

The exercises and protocols in M1 & M2 are scientifically proven to trigger muscular adaptive responses through these stimuli and induce muscular growth.

You WILL grow your arms, back, chest and legs...adding 10 pounds of muscle over the course of the training program WHILE losing pounds of fat. 

Keep in mind that his training program is best used with Phase 2: Secrets to Dynamic Fat Loss


Click on the button below to make one secure payment of $19.99 to finally start building a greek-god like body!



Day 1 and Day 2 of M1 strategically use the best exercises for muscular development in your arms and legs.

Please be warned…These programs, M1 & M2 are not for the faint of heart.

It is recommended that well-seasoned, experienced lifters go on through the full 4 weeks of the program.


If you’re just starting out, I suggest you complete the program up to Week 3.

It will be intense... but so gratifying.

Combine M1 & M2 with your optimized diet and you’ve set yourself up for GROWTH and true physique building.

Just to let you know, “M1” stands for ‘Mesoscyle 1”. 

What is a mesocycle?

It’s just fancy fitness jargon for saying workout plan.

Its basically a designated block of training specifically aimed to achieve a goal or desired outcome...so the goal for M1 is to gain lean muscle mass in your arms, abs, quads and calves.

In Phase 2, the second guide, I talk about diet.

But you’ll also notice the full M1 program in Phase 2, not just the sample workout.

M1 is great, but its only one part of the 3 sided coin, for lack of a better term.

You see, the point for M1-M3 is to develop your body fully from head to toe.

M1 covers one portion of your body.

It wouldn’t make much sense to continue on M1 forever, would it..otherwise if you do, you’ll be left with shredded arms, legs and abs without the proper balance of back and chest.

It therefore wouldn’t be a complete ‘Physique building Project”.

Thats where m2 and m3 come in (I’m still not finished making m3… Its still in the making, the final piece of the puzzle is nearly out)

Oh and by the way….Week 4 is where the magic happens ;)

M1 & M2 -Best Fat Loss & Muscle Growth Training Program
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