Discover how a 135lb skinny-fat guy overwhelmed by fitness information used the power of Physique Building secrets - unlocking slabs of rock-hard muscle naturally , now putting Greek god statues like Hercules to shamEWHILE EATING JUNK FOOD.


In Physique Building, you’ll finally get a grip on “dieting” and building lean, rock hard muscle through precise nutrition.

Why did I put “dieting” in quotations? Truthfully, I don’t really diet…even if I’m looking to get more shredded.

How’s this all possible? How am I able to build lean, rock-hard aesthetic muscle while losing fat AND NOT EVEN DIET?

You see, I HATE COOKIE-CUTTER diets, and every fitness coach who assigns these to their client DOESN’T DESERVE TO BE COACHING!

It all comes down to the SPECIFIC PROTOCOLS for YOU and only YOU. It’s all all laid out in the Physique Building program… these are the diet protocols the fitness industry DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT!


Okay, so the “diet” portion is all laid out now…but what about training?

How does one just build muscle without a training program?


You don’t.

That’s why in the Physique Building program, there’s a program that’s carefully designed to give you explosive gains.

This program is known as the M1 Training Program, and within it’s pages is the treasure map that will add on lean, rock hard aesthetic muscle.

What most coaches won’t tell you is how to train.

They give you a training program and expect you to keep following it FOREVER without ANY REST.

That’s why there are specific protocols within the Physique Building M1 Training Program to allow you to BUILD MUSCLE and KEEP IT while you actively recover.

It’s called…

Active Recovery Phase, and it looks like this:








This is something I WISH I had in my arsenal in the beginning of my own journey, as it answers all of the questions that took me a decade to answer...
Forget about spending hours of research looking for the answers, the do’s and don’ts when it comes down to building quality muscle. Pillars of Success does exactly what is inscribed in its title…it sets you up for monumental success.

“What should I do to build a physique?”, “How often should I train?”, “What are the BEST workouts?”, “What and how much should I eat?”, “Why am I getting fat?”

Learn about the best way to add some serious size to your frame and develop a champion mindset so you can continue to make progress for the rest of your days (this knowledge is often left out in most programs, and it happens to be one of the most important aspects in any program or endeavor.) Finally discover the best kept secrets, strategies and approaches that no one ever talks about but everyone needs to know about.



Within Food & Diet, you’ll understand thenecessary dietary approaches for a total body transformatoin and all of the necessary elements that fall into place when building an insane physique.

You’ll get access to the dietary formula for getting shredded or gaining rock hard muscle while on a lean bulk, eating foods you love. Understand the truth behind conventional dieting and know all the essentials about nutrition for maximal muscle growth and minimal fat gain. Wondering how you see all of those fitness influencers, pros, or even guys at your gym walking around so shredded? All of the answers are here in this guide for attaining a 6-7% body fat, aesthetic-looking body…which were and still are the exact tactics and methods I used to get down to single-digit body fat. Making this easily the only guide you'll need.

Start enjoying your life and the foods you love without losing your sanity…build dense, solid, chiseled muscle in an enjoyable way.



Beyond the Barbell is finally here. For years and years, I’ have always been asked what supplements I recommended best or which ones I personally take. Let me just tell you that its not the supplement that shapes and makes a champion physique…a physique that drops haws and turns heads…it’s the mindset of a champion thatforges the phenomenal physique.

Once you’ve got this mindset down, then supplements will only enhance your journey and take you to your destination even quicker while feeling like a million bucks, better than you ever have. But I’ve got good news for you…this whole champion mindset can be cultivated through reading Physique Building and applying it’s methods and techniques.

Discover how to take your mind and body to new heights on the very last page, and how you’ll never think twice before taking these cognitive-enhancing supplements again. A sharp mind builds a strong body…millions are totally unaware of applying this concept to their daily lives and fail to realize this life changing idea!

Beyond the Barbell shows you the necessary supplements that will keep you energized through your workouts, along with the other muscle-boosting supplements give you focus, clarity, strength AND size…all of which are clean and natural.



The M1 training program, known for it'scutting-edge training protocols that adds slabs of muscle to your physique. The training protocols within M1 are carefully and methodically designed to boost your testosterone levels, increase the size of muscle fibers and add strength to your lifts.

Simply follow the carfully crafted exercise regimen that’s laid out for you and start building a rock-hard body that will turn heads.

Build those arms into forged cannons, develop thick and powerful legs, widen and strengthen your chest and back while adding dimension…this IS the program for building a stellar physique from head to toe. Discover the key to continual success, Active Recovery Phase, that makes or breaks all high-performing athletes, and why its absolutely necessary that you understand this component too.

This isn’t your typical ‘workout’ routine that caters to the masses. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you’re in the wrong place. M1 is a marriage between science and innovation, giving you all the practical tools and infrastructure you need while leaving out the fluff. Still curious as to how you can add that 3-dimensional look to your frame? This is it.

Finally, no more guessing about programs, routines, exercises or any of that stuff. Start feeling and being in the body you were supposed to have. It all begins here.

Interactive Table of Contents

Physique Building is comprised of many chapters and sections that you’ll want to revisit to really get the most out of it all.

Let’s face it…scrolling constantly to that one section you’re specifically looking for can be tedious and somewhat annoying…I know because it happens to me all of the time.

Instead, I’ve infused an ingenious interactive table of contents in the beginning of each guide…so if you’re looking for a chapter or section you’d like to revisit, all it takes is a quick tap that jumps you to that section.

Saving you time and endless scrolling.

Finally get to your answers within a blink of an eye, or scroll, if thats what you prefer…either way, the interactive table of contents feature is a life-saver!


e-Mail Support

The number one reason most people fail with their goals is because they aren’t accountable to anyone!

Accountability and having someone in your corner of the ring has been known todouble success rates.

That’s what I’m here to provide…I’m here to help you transform your body into that of a modern spartan warrior of the 21st century… So I’m opening up my email platform to provide you with weekly tips and advice you need for your own Physique Building journey of success.



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