Principles of Freedom; How to Truly Be Free Pt 1

How does one find their ultimate purpose in life?

How do I find my purpose in life? Read on...

How do I find my purpose in life? Read on...

"How can I quit my job and do something I truly love?"

"I fear not living up to my greatest potential"

"I've always dreamed of being the hero of my own story."

This post is dedicated to you, my friend.

As you contemplate your direction, you’ve finally come to a reference point, a sign post to guide you in the right way.

Before we get started, I'd like to thank you for the privilege and opportunity to share with you the principles and strategies I've used that have positively shaped my life.



Deep within man dwell those slumbering powers, powers that would astonish him, that he never dreamed of possessing. Forces that would revolutionize his life if aroused and put into action.

- Orison Swett Marden

I'll be addressing the first principle here and now as an introductory post, and the other principles in subsequent posts to follow. Hang tight.

I honor you for entering the realm of greatness for the sole purpose of making actionable decisions, changes, and taking a step into greatness.

I know that at some point in our lives, we’ve all envisioned a greater quality of life that we feel like we deserve. 

Deep down, I strongly believe that each of us has a dream, aspirations and desires to fulfill. 

I know we each have hidden within us a gift to give back to the world that would make a difference, to really make a positive impact. 

I bet we’ve all had those daydreams when we were young, of saving the day and coming out as the hero of our stories. 

Now I can bet that the dream you once had isn't much different from the one you have now. We’d all like to be free, accepted and uninhibited. The hero of our own story.

Sadly, you might have already given up on those dreams, or your dreams have become shrouded from fear and doubt by being caught up in the daily routines of life…the hum-drum-ness of it all.

These dreams of yours have dissipated, and unfortunately, so have the destinies that were linked with those dreams you once had. 

I’m here to tell you to forget all the negativity, to ignore the haters, the noise, and to passionately pursue what it is you’re truly here for. 

I remember meeting a young man who recounted his story of realizing his true freedom, it went something like this;

Secret location, one of the coolest places in Thailand.

Secret location, one of the coolest places in Thailand.

-He knew he'd never forget the time he got a taste of the life he wanted to live. This youngster was in paradise. Some call it Thailand. Leading up to learning and developing the universal pillars of understanding, he found himself on a deserted beach in a little slice of paradise away from the crowd.

He told me he never wanted the moment to cease, they had the whole private beach to themselves, him and his friends. This was a place where he was able leave the busy streets of Bangkok and truly reflect in the white sands of the magnificent earth. 

Aside from reflection, he was able to truly let go of it all.

No worries, no problems, no bullshit. 

The only stress he had was to continue to give his all to his ultimate purpose, and at the time it was bodybuilding and guiding others around him, uplifting them in the best way he could. He didn't realize it then, know how or why, but his guidance was always an inspiration for others. It was his hidden gift, not yet to be realized. At the time, he didn’t consider his guidance or bodybuilding as stresses, he just considered them as things that he needed to give back regardless of any circumstance. 

He knew one day that it would all manifest into some form of greatness…and today you're here hearing about it all.

The second day of his arrival there, he walked alone along the beaten path of the island’s edge. It was a beautiful community, smiles everywhere. 

Coconut trees in every direction. Green, gold, white and blue as far as the eye can see. 

He decided that it was time for some extra adventure, he decided to live that day on the edge. 

Right across his place of stay was the beach, a mere 14 seconds away from his glass room of paradise. He had remembered seeing jet skis floating around and thought, “im out here once, why miss on this opportunity to really roar?”

The young man walked over to two men safeguarding their prized jet skis who appeared to be brothers. Both were bronzed by the sun with faded beach shorts, one blue and the other red, a byproduct of the island life. 

They immediately stood up and began to pitch him to come ride one of their prized jet skis. “Oh are you a supa staa??" (I imagene they meant to say 'super star' with a thick Thai accent).

They continued to shower him with compliments, took a few pictures on their phones to share with their friends and what not. Smiles were exchanged along with some cash. He handed them the money, and in return they gave him the key (a safety lanyard that wraps around your foot) to one of the most bad ass vehicles he'd ever ridden.

That simple transaction of money, Thai Baht, for a key was the best decision this young man had made.

The counting of the money was almost in slow-motion.

As one of the brothers handed him the key, nothing else in the world mattered, all went totally blank into the nothingness of reality. Imagine if you will, an arm stretched out while everything else is out of focus- the hot sandy beach, the clear water, the blue sky... the faded red beach shorts. All blurry but the bronzed arm, the hand and key to this jet ski. 

The deal was done. Man and machine were now connected. 

He went for it. All of it.

The young man had no mercy on the jet ski. He gave it everything he had, pushing it to its absolute limit!

HOT DAMN that was a slice of true living on the edge. This torpedo cut through the water like a knife. He knew that the further out to sea he went, the choppier the water would get.

He went for it anyways, he went to sea. The wind blew in his hair and into his eyes and past his ears.

He gave it more speed. He felt...invincible.

Filled with so much exhilaration, he paused in the ocean, a few hundred feet away from the shore. He looked down into the clear waters below. Never had he seen such beauty beneath his feet. An array of colors, fish and plants all living in harmony. 

He thought to himself, this is how life should be. This is freedom. 

He reflected about the year before, when he was in the Bay Area of California. Lonely and depressed, drinking his sadness away, music full blast, stuck at a bullshit job he knew wasn’t for him. He remembered feeling that his life was not significant, and that nothing really mattered, he was doomed to be like the rest of society stuck in the infinite rat race.

At that time in corporate world, he felt like he had no control of the world around him and that his tasks were arbitrary and meaningless. But then…it hit him, when he remembered the moment everything would change. 

The moment he decided to say damn it all, to go out on a mission to hind find his true purpose. He thought to himself that he was never going to settle for anything less than what he wanted. Who would have thought that this decision would land him in paradise, looking at the clear waters below and at the clear skies above.

He was from fear itself.

Thoughts and ideas lead to possibilities. Possibilities lead to action and manifestation. 

Escape from the crowds and busy streets of the city. Making money on the beach!

Escape from the crowds and busy streets of the city. Making money on the beach!

You've probably guessed by now who this young man turned out to be.

So how to be truly free is to drop everything, go to Thailand and let it rip on a jetski? 

Not necessarily, but it was the necessary catalyst for my realization.

Yours might be totally different. Yours might be letting go of something that has held you back for so long out of fear. Fear of what other's may think of you, they could be your parents, your brother or sister, or even your close friends. 

I got to this point early in my life by applying the principles I now come to know. The pillars that you’ll learn while joining me in the following posts.  

You’re about to dive into the fundamental pillars of your true essence so that you awaken the potential from within you.

These pillars will provide you with clarity and direction. You’ll finally be able to rise up as the man you were destined to become. To be able to build the life you’ve always wanted and dreamed of without fear, a life you’ll enjoy.

Miss out on these principle and you’ll be forever a sailor lost at sea, never to be remembered. 

Being anxious, directionless, not knowing having the slightest idea of my ultimate purpose SUCKS.

If you've gone through these pangs, you know it sucks too.

What a relief to know you’re not the only one. What a relief it is to know that life is beautiful, exhilarating, absolutely extraordinary and full of wonder.

Whatever it is that occupied most of your time didn't have much meaning because it wasn’t exactly what you had envisioned yourself to be doing. 

"85% of Americans are stuck with a job they hate. Either they lack confidence, or the motivation to live their life with purpose."

- Les Brown

You had somehow fallen into the constraints of your mundane existence.

Maybe what you were doing was just a means to an end. 

The commute, the work, the facade of it all. Deep down, you know that there's a greater purpose for your existence, and you want to find MORE

More adventure, more excitement, more growth and perhaps even total acceptance…but with this craving comes the deep inner conflict of letting people down, of disappointing your ‘superiors’ and those around you.

Fortunately, you’re different. You know you can’t continue on like this, regardless of whosever feelings you end up hurting. 

The worst thing you can do is continue on living in absolute oblivion of your true potential…unless you want to remain a complacent ‘good boy’ with a short leash. 

Not you. Cut the leash with your blade of awakening!

Do this now, unless you don’t mind losing your soul to conformity and become another drop of water in the sea of the decision-less. 

If you refuse to put these princples into practice, you’ll just be…complacent and perhaps even just plain ol' average. No flavor, no nothing. 

You'll be looking at the possibility of losing your zest, and your friends and girl will see the inadequacies. Your girl might see you’ve lost your spark, your drive. She might even leave you for another guy who HAS all these qualities.

The power now rests solely in your hands to change your direction. 

It was within you, it always has been.

Remember that Mind is the Master—the power that moulds and makes. And man is mind, and evermore he takes the tool of thought. He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass, environment is but his looking-glass.

You may still be wondering how you're able to rationalize quitting your job to pursue your life's ultimate purpose. Or how to cut yourself from the constraints of all your inhibitions. Stay tuned, the first principle awaits you on how to be truly free. 

Until then,


Lets keep the good vibes coming. 

Lets never cease to encourage each other. 


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