Best Back Workout & Lifting Queues

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I'm pumped to be here with you, so let's go ahead and dive in, exactly what we're going to be talking about with this three step killer series on building a back.

You might be searching ‘Best workout for back’, so I made this video to help you on the 3 TOP LIFTS for 2019 and beyond in order to get a Hercules-like back in no time.


So the first thing I want to talk about is why back is the most important muscle group. I mean, they're all important but to me it's my favorite.

And why is it my favorite?

Well, having a straight back, it conveys confidence and self esteem.

If you're walking around with the hunched over back, I mean, just try it for like two seconds.

Do you feel good about yourself? Not really.

Try straightening out your back and tell me a little bit about how you feel.

I'm pretty sure you're going to feel a little bit different, right?

So, as within, so without. What reflects on the inside will reflect on the outside.

Without a strong back, you're not going to really be able to brace and withstand heavier loads on squat. And or bench press, and or dead-lifts. So that's why building the back is paramount.



Let's go ahead and dive into the warmups.


What you want to do here is do a nice, light stretch.

You're going to grab a pull-up bar, and you're going to start stretching out your lats, just really lightly, nothing too crazy. You don't want to hinder your performance by over-stretching.

Just a nice little warmup.

Grab something, pull on it, make sure that you get your lats and everything else nice and stretched out.

As you can see, I'm dipping further and further down to the ground, that's going to stretch out my lower back. And then you're going to want to, of course, stretch your arms and do little mini-lat spread, activate those muscles, start calling upon those mind-muscle neurological connections.



how to deadlift

For deadlifts, you’ll want to visualize yourself bending that bar around your back so you can start contracting your lats as much as you can with a straight back in place.

how to deadlift 2

Look at my neck.

I'm not looking up, I'm not looking to the side, my neck is in line with my back. That's going to save you from injuries, from impingements.

What does a deadlift exactly do?

It's pretty much a compound exercise that gets everything in your body, but mainly the glutes, the lats, the spinal erectors, and of course the traps.

what muscles do deadlifts target

As we're acclimating to our working weight - I'm starting off on 25s, moving up to 45s, and as we're doing this, we still want to maintain strict form.

And our backs are nice and straight, in-line with our necks.

As we're working to our working weight, we're going to be doing less reps. So we’ll start off with 25’s on each side for about 10 reps, then about 5 reps with 45lbs on each side, and so on and so forth until we hit our working weight range.

So here you want to remember to push the ground away.

Push the earth away from your feet, as if you're doing a leg press, and you're pulling up with your torso.

And one thing I also want you to notice, look at how much air I'm taking in, even with 225. I'm bracing the heck out of my stomach, and that's going to allow me to pull more weight, and to pull that weight a little bit more efficiently, and a little bit more easier.

push ground away to deadlift
pull the bar up with straight arms

Also, take a look at my wrists.

I'm not wearing any straps.

You're going to want to cultivate this strength in your forearms so that you can lift weight like this without a problem. And you're going to do that without using straps. And if you're using straps, you're just going to have to take them off until you start gaining the weight that you think, and that you feel comfortable with.

should I use wrist wraps for deadlifts

You’ll want to start building that growth in your forearms so that you could start handling more weight. Essentially, the more weight you're able to handle, the stronger your grip is going to become.

The stronger your grip becomes, the bigger your forearms are going to get. That's just the way it works. So that's something you're going to want to keep in mind. You're just going to have to start training through that pain.

how to grow forearms


Alright, let's move into the T-ball rows. It's less compound, but still very beneficial for the back.

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 9.25.18 PM.png

So, what do the T-bar rows do? They get your lats to activate your traps, and they also activate those spinal erectors in the rear delts. But mainly the lats and traps.

I want you to notice here that I'm having my arms not do much of the work. I'm mainly focusing on my back, contracting.

The range of motion is of the utmost importance here. I'm going all the way down without losing tension, but I'm still squeezing back there.

You see that, as if there's an invisible walnut in the middle of my back and I'm trying to crush it with my scapula.

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 9.27.06 PM.png

So range of motion is extremely important here, giving you that full stretch and that full contraction.


What do they do?

Exactly what it sounds like. It's going to activate your lats and your traps and, of course, your rear delts.

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 9.29.25 PM.png

Same principle as a T-bar row, you want that full range of motion.

You want to have that bar come all the way down your chest and all the way back up to where you feel a stretch.

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 9.32.30 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 9.31.59 PM.png

And essentially it's the same thing for the reverse grip lat pull-down.

Notice here I'm touching the bar with my chest, but I'm not losing that tension in my grip and in my lats.

These are great for actually, bicep finishers.

If your back is burnt out during the rest of your back workout, you can call upon the reverse grip lat pull-down so that you can have your bicep come in if your back is too burnt out.

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 9.40.08 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 9.40.48 PM.png

And there we have it.

The tree tips, three essential exercises on how to build a better back.

You're going to be start building some incredible back gains in no time.

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