How To Get Bigger Arms: Day 2

I highly recommend that you purchase a set of micro-plates.

Usually regular barbell plates increments go from 45lbs, 35lbs, 25lbs, 10lbs to 5lbs. If you're lucky, your gym will have some 2.5lb plates...but what are micro-plates?

They're even smaller and range from ¼ LB,  ½ LB,  ¾ LB, and 1 LB. These micro plates will help you get past your plateau and previous best records. You'll gain strength and hit new PR's instead of being unable to beat your previous best records by overshooting and jumping up by 5 or 10lbs.

Coaches Notes:

To really maximize Dynamic Grind, download the excel/pdf sheet given below. The videos in Dynamic Grind are for references as to what exercises we do in the mesocycle. Not every exercise will be in the videos, so it's best to use the sheet to truly follow alongside us. You'll want to calculate your 60% of your 1-rep max and apply it to all of the exercises we do, or as listed. Follow our guidelines for maximum results. This is how we train...

Day 2:

For bench and lat grip pull down there will be an emphasis on strength over the next four weeks. The weight should be challenging but you should be able to complete the 4x8.  Plan for increasing the weight at least 5-10 pounds a week for the next four weeks. We will be dropping the reps accordingly for these two exercises.

Your tricep extensions should be very challenging but you should be able to execute them controlled the whole time. You should be in full control of the negative portion (or the lowering portion) of the lift.

All reps and sets are to be performed with good execution. If by the last set on curls you are swinging for the fences then you need to lower the weight.

Week 1 of 4, Day 2 of 4

Week 1 of 4, Day 2 of 4


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